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Amber Rubarth – Sessions From The 17th Ward (2012) [Folk, HDTracks, FLAC 96kHz/24bit]

Artist: Amber Rubarth
Title: Sessions From The 17th Ward
Genre: Folk
Release Date: 2012
Label: Chesky Records
Duration: 44:44
Quality: FLAC 96kHz/24bit
Source: HDTracks
Recorded: March 2012 at the Hirsch Center in Brooklyn, New York

The Chesky Records Binaural+ recording technique, fit for both speakers and headphones, captures the timeless sound of musicians playing in great acoustic settings. And now, starting with the Binaural+ sessions, Chesky Records has taken that approach to the next level. Singer-Songwriter Amber Rubarth, Cellist Dave Eggar, Violinist Tim Snider and Percussionist Chuck Palmer join forces, and combine their unique musical vocabulary to create Sessions from the 17th Ward. Together, this innovative team fuses classic songwriting and acoustic music to create a sexy, yet sophisticated album.


Amber Rubarth – Scribbled Folk Symphonies (2016) [Folk, HDTracks, FLAC 192kHz/24bit]

Artist: Amber Rubarth
Title: Scribbled Folk Symphonies
Genre: Folk
Release Date: 2016
Label: Chesky Records
Duration: 47:55
Quality: FLAC 192kHz/24bit
Source: HDTracks

Backed by a string section that includes world renowned Cellist, Dave Eggar, Amber Rubarth returns for her sophomore Chesky album to follow up her successful, Sessions from the 17th Ward. Scribbled Folk Symphonies features a combination of original tunes and unique takes on classic songs, such as a haunting rendition of R.E.M's "Losing My Religion". Whether you've followed her journey from the beginning, or simply get pulled in by her unique interpretation of the classic songs on this album, you'll be pleasantly surprised by what's inside.


Ben Howard-Every Kingdom-CD-FLAC-2011-CHS

Ben Howard-Every Kingdom-CD-FLAC-2011-CHS Download

Ben Howard-Every Kingdom-CD-FLAC-2011-CHS

Release Name: Ben_Howard-Every_Kingdom-CD-FLAC-2011-CHS
Artist: Ben Howard
Album: Every Kingdom
Genre: Folk
Year: 2011
Tracks: 10
Duration: 00:50:03
Size: 282.9 MB


  1. Ben Howard - Old Pine - 5:29 (817 kbps , 31.98 MB)
  2. Ben Howard - Diamonds - 4:07 (875 kbps , 25.75 MB)
  3. Ben Howard - The Wolves - 5:09 (844 kbps , 31.14 MB)
  4. Ben Howard - Everything - 4:46 (748 kbps , 25.46 MB)
  5. Ben Howard - Only Love - 4:09 (834 kbps , 24.77 MB)
  6. Ben Howard - The Fear - 4:20 (833 kbps , 25.84 MB)
  7. Ben Howard - Keep Your Head Up - 4:25 (867 kbps , 27.35 MB)
  8. Ben Howard - Black Flies - 6:22 (760 kbps , 34.54 MB)
  9. Ben Howard - Gracious - 4:57 (718 kbps , 25.43 MB)
  10. Ben Howard - Promise - 6:24 (669 kbps , 30.63 MB)

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The Stray Birds – Magic Fire (2016) [Web FLAC]

Label/Cat#:Yep Roc Records
Year:19 August 2016

The Stray Birds experienced several firsts while recording their new album, Magic Fire, set to be released August 19 on Yep Roc. It was their first project with an outside producer, their first recording with venerable guest musicians, and first truly collaborative songwriting effort. It s also an album of mosts: the most exciting and engaging music they ve ever composed paired with their most outspoken and insightful lyrics yet. Another first for the album: NPR premiered the first single from the album, Shining In The Distance.

When it came time to record Magic Fire, The Stray Birds knew they were ready to take an ambitious step. They retreated to Milan Hill, New York, a small town outside of Woodstock in the Hudson River Valley, and teamed up with three-time GRAMMY Award-winning producer Larry Campbell (best known for his work with luminaries like Bob Dylan, Levon Helm, Paul Simon, and Willie Nelson) and his preferred engineer, Justin Guip (another three-time GRAMMY Award-winner who worked with the late Helm), and the group spent ten days together exploring and creating the music that would become Magic Fire.

Magic Fire demonstrates the group s remarkable growth as songwriters and performers, with countless nights on the road across the US and Europe sharpening their senses and honing their keen understanding of each other s strengths. Third Day In A Row is a laid-back slice of infectious Americana that showcases the band s rich harmonies; while Hands Of Man is a dark, Appalachian-influenced tune completed during the recording sessions in Milan Hill. Where You Come From marks Charles Muench s first complete songwriting contribution to an album, while Shining In The Distance is a collaboration with fellow songwriter Lindsay Lou that grew out of Maya and Oliver s move to Nashville, and When I Die features a verse written by new collaborator Shane Leonard (live versions of the song include a variety of additional verses contributed by peers and tour-mates like Mandolin Orange, Miss Tess, Jordie Lane, and Cahalen Morrison & Eli West).

The album marks a new, more open approach to writing, but the songs are as focused and incisive as ever. All The News is a reminder of just how lucky so many of us are to live in relative comfort and safety, while the groovy Sunday Morning is a call to action, as Craven sings, You can shout for change and worry about the state of the world / But it s gonna take a little more than praying on a Sunday morning.

Magic Fire builds on the success of The Stray Birds 2014 Yep Roc debut, Best Medicine, which was hailed by NPR s World Caf for its strong harmonies and sharp songwriting and debuted at #2 on the Billboard Bluegrass chart. Guitar World praised their heartfelt creativity, while the Philadelphia City Paper called the band stunning, and Mountain Stage applauded their singular ability to successfully draw on the rich traditions of American folk music while still sounding modern. It was that unique formula that first brought them national attention and fueled their breakout in 2012, when their self-titled/self-released debut landed amongst NPR s Top Ten Folk/Americana Albums of the Year and earned them major festival performances everywhere from MerleFest to Scotland s Celtic Connections.

01. Shining in the Distance (4:25)
02. Third Day in a Row (4:36)
03. Sabrina (3:44)
04. Radio (3:18)
05. Where You Come From (3:31)
06. Fossil (3:56)
07. Hands of Man (2:50)
08. Somehow (3:38)
09. Sunday Morning (2:30)
10. Mississippi Pearl (4:29)
11. All The News (3:34)
12. When I Die (4:40

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Sean Hayes – Low Light (2016) [FLAC]

Year:19 August 2016

Low Light, the eighth album from independent recording artist Sean Hayes, captures his distinctive sound at its most intimate. Recorded both at home and in the studio, Low Light webs its way through genres, incorporating the pulse and yearning of R&B with the low-fi grit and crackle of folk. From the gauzy, beat-driven title track to the aching, old-school country Sing Me Your Love Song, Hayes voice glides between a growling purr and seductive vibrato, transporting the listener into a rich, sensual late-night world.

In his twenty -year career as a San Francisco-based musician, Hayes has won acclaim from fans and critics alike. He s duetted with Aimee Mann, toured with Ani DiFranco and the Cold War Kids, been covered by The Be Good Tanyas and re-mixed by DJ Mark Farina, and had his music featured in a variety of television shows, films, and commercials. Raised in North Carolina and honed as an artist in Northern California, Hayes crafts music that, as the SF Weekly puts it, succeeds on the tension between warm, resonant soul and dirt-road folk, all laced with a wandering troubadour s coo. In the track Home I Left Hayes sings of leaving San Francisco-- headed north with my young family/needed space to grow --and this album is structured to represent snapshots from his life in the four years since. Low Light thrums with songs of desire, sanctuary, and the redemptive power of love.

01. Boom Boom Baby (4:21)
02. Love That Woman (3:53)
03. Back It Up (4:29)
04. She Knows (4:33)
05. Magic Slim (4:11)
06. Paper Rock Domino (3:18)
07. Low Light (4:21)
08. Naked as the Sun (5:07)
09. Home I Left (3:29)
10. Sing Me Your Love Song (2:54)

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Sarah Potenza – Monster (2016) [FLAC]

Label/Cat#:Snax Records
Year:19 August 2016

The artist: Sarah Potenza, a Nashville-based blues soulstress from Rhode Island who sprang into American living rooms last year with her appearance on NBC s The Voice.

Songwriter says: The album Monster was originally titled My Turn. I had this idea that the album was going to be about the trials and tribulations of every day American blue-collar struggle. Could the American Dream still be achieved though grit and determination? Could hard work and passion really pay off? Then reality TV came knocking on the door, I opened it, and the idea of Monster came walking through. I wrote new songs and worked to create a more clear and powerful message. A message of hope, a message of rejoicing in our inadequacies. The idea now was to make an album that could help lift people up, inspire them to keep going, to keep perusing their dreams and that they are not alone. Not just shining a light on struggle, but the idea that there is power in being yourself.

1. The Mountain (03:54)
2. My Turn (03:35)
3. Bird (03:54)
4. Monster (03:17)
5. Up on the Third Floor (04:35)
6. The Cost of Living (03:23)
7. Take Me to Church (03:51)
8. Granddad (04:20)
9. Run Through the Jungle (03:04)
10. Tear the Roof Off (04:05)
11. Valley of Tears (04:26)

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Monica Heldal – The One In The Sun (2016) [FLAC]

FLAC / Lossless / log / cue
Label/Cat#:Warner Music Norway AS
Year: April 8, 2016

Monica Heldal s 2014 debut album, Boy from the North, was described as part Americana, part bluegrass, and part Irish folk. But the Norwegian singer-songwriter points to another genre when discussing the best concert she has seen.

Heldal, who is releasing a new single, Jimmy Got Home, on Jan. 29, says one of the world s biggest rock groups, Pink Floyd, is a favorite, and ex-Floyd member Roger Waters put on a show she will never forget in August 2008.

It was in London at the Hyde Park Calling festival on July 1, 2006. Waters reunited with Pink Floyd drummer Nick Mason and performed 25 songs, including the entire Dark Side of the Moon album.

The vibe was just amazing, recalls Heldal, who won two Norwegian Grammy Awards for best new artist and best pop solo artist and toured the US two years ago as a supporting act for the John Butler Trio. The band was great, Rogers Waters back-up singers were so good, and the whole show was just mind-blowing. I saw him later in my hometown Bergen in Norway, and it was just as good. But seeing the Dark Side of the Moon show in Hyde Park was special.

Entertainment critic Ray Bennett, who posts reviews at thecliffedge.com, said Waters performance in Hyde Park was an extraordinarily faithful rendition of the album.

The performance held some 60,000 enraptured with its immaculate precision and powerful imagery, Bennett wrote on his website. All the strange sounds from the album blared out across the park with bells and the noise of trains accompanying spectacular visuals.

Waters deeply impressed Heldal, but it was a live show by another musician, whose name is unknown by most US music fans, that influenced her most as an artist. When I was about 14 years old, I opened for a Norwegian country singer, Claudia Scott, in my hometown, Arna [a borough of Bergen], Heldal says. I thought she was such a great guitar player and singer. It really influenced me to practice even more and keep singing and playing my guitar.

At an even younger age 9 Heldal says she heard Neil Young s music for the first time, and her artist side was awakened. At age 12, her parents gave her a guitar for Christmas, and she absorbed and was influenced by other musicians music.

She says major influences were Nick Drake, Emmylou Harris, Rory Gallagher, and the acoustic side of Led Zeppelin. At age 16, she wrote Silly Willy, which was on her first album and is still part of her live set.

Now 25, Heldal has become known in Europe for her skillful fingerpicking and complex guitar tunings. Many of the fingerpicking techniques were learned from the music of Drake, Chet Atkins, Jerry Reed, and bluesmen Mississippi John Hurt and Arthur Blind Blake.

01. Siren
02. Coulda Been Sound
03. Jimmy Got Home
04. The One in the Sun (Tinka)
05. For Saviours
06. Warrior Child
07. Broken
08. The Riverbank
09. Lovers & Life & the Stars
10. Ravensdale
11. Actual Farewell

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Ed Harcourt – Furnaces (2016) [Web FLAC]

Year:19 August 2016

I wanted to make a record that people can cry, f**k and fight to, is how Ed Harcourt describes his aim for his seventh solo album. This raises a couple of questions firstly, what kind of softlad would ever try rucking to orchestral indie rock? Secondly, who is the peculiar loverman that plumps for a Harcourt joint before sexy time? As for crying, well Furnaces is thankfully not nearly bad enough for that: instead it s full of oxymoron alert gently apocalyptic pop with billowy choruses. Producer Flood has cloaked Harcourt s doomy tales in a bass-heavy murk that doesn t always to play to the record s melodic strengths, but the likes of the title track have enough soulful energy to stop them from being swamped. Furnaces is quite clearly not the record Harcourt thinks it is, but it s an interesting enough one nevertheless.

01. Intro (01:42)
02. The World Is on Fire (06:00)
03. Loup Garou (04:52)
04. Furnaces (03:53)
05. Occupational Hazzard (04:28)
06. Nothing but a Bad Trip (04:20)
07. You Give Me More Than Love (05:38)
08. Dionysus (04:21)
09. There Is a Light Below (02:49)
10. Last of Your Kind (04:55)
11. Immoral (05:11)
12. Antarctica (04:35)

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Doolin’ – Doolin’ (2016) [FLAC]

FLAC / Lossless / log / cue
Label/Cat#: Compass Records / TN 37212
Year: 2016

Doolin is France s premiere Celtic band and their self-titled debut for Compass Records is one of the freshest and most exciting Celtic records of the year. Natives of Toulouse, Doolin worked with legendary Irish guitarist John Doyle in the producer s chair to achieve a sound uniquely their own deeply rooted in traditional Celtic music but wonderfully flavored with French chanson, American roots music and even hip hop straight from the streets of Paris. The band traveled to Nashville, Tennessee to record the album and worked in the legacy studio now owned by Compass Records where the Outlaw Movement in country music took root in the late 1960s. The resulting experience infused DOOLIN with an infectious energy. The musical essence of the band is captured on the fiery The Road to Gleanntan , the gorgeous reflective character of Le Dernier Kouign Amann , the beautifully rendered Jacques Brel classic Amsterdam , with its evocative strains of accordion and French lyric, and culminates with the bold integration of rap and John Doyle s percussive guitar style on Sin ad O Connor s Famine . Collaborations with special guests Jerry Douglas (Dobro), John Doyle (guitar, bouzouki), Alison Brown (banjo), and Kenny Malone (percussion) brought stellar results on stand out tracks that include a reworking of the Steve Earle classic Galway Girl and Bob Dylan s Ballad of Hollis Brown

01 - Chanson Pour John
02 - Reel Africa
03 - The Galway Girl
04 - Le Dernier Kouign Amann
05 - Ballad Of Hollis Brown
06 - Mary's Jigs
07 - Itinerant Singing Boy
08 - Sailing Across The Ocean
09 - The Road To Gleanntan
10 - Le Jupon Blanc
11 - Amsterdam
12 - Wind Her Up
13 - Famine

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Courtney Marie Andrews – Honest Life (2016) [Web FLAC]

Label/Cat#:Mama Bird Recording Co
Year: Aug 19, 2016

Courtney Marie Andrews has been releasing intimate and heartfelt folk music for most of the decade. She's collaborated with such renowned and established acts as Damien Jurado and Jimmy Eat World, and has earned praise for her songwriting from Ryan Adams and many others. Producing it herself and nurturing some of the songs for at least a year, her latest album, Honest Life, is her most refined work to date, a clear representation of a skilled storyteller in her prime.

From the outset, Andrews asserts that "this ain't no rookie dreaming," and couldn't be more right. Her songs feel lived in and familiar, subtly imbued with slide guitar and a slight country warble in her voice. "How Quickly Your Heart Mends" is an incredibly raw tale of heartbreak written with self-deprecating grace, and "Let The Good One Go" admits desperation and loneliness while still finding the strength to move on. She taps into relatable emotions by examining her own, and gives hope through her contagious perseverance.

Andrews grasps her songs tightly. Her lyrics are considered and heartfelt, her vocal performances are clean and pure and the songs are produced and arranged with nuance and precision (the organ on "Irene" and the strings on "Only in My Mind" are nice touches).

While this all adds up to a very enjoyable listen, it would also be nice to hear her let loose with the same intensity with which she maintains control. One wonders if this might've been a make-or-break album for her, but having "made it" with aplomb, Andrews should feel more comfortable challenging convention on her next outing.

01. Rookie Dreaming (3:27)
02. Not the End (2:26)
03. Irene (3:46)
04. How Quickly Your Heart Mends (3:45)
05. Let the Good One Go (2:51)
06. Honest Life (4:14)
07. Table for One (3:59)
08. Put the Fire Out (3:39)
09. 15 Highway Lines (4:22)
10. Only in My Mind (4:10)

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