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Andy Ferrell – At Home and in Nashville (2016) Web FLAC

Label/Cat#:Self Released / 888295302685

Original, Americana, Appalachian roots inspired music, half produced and recorded in Nashville and half live solo takes.

01. Last Dime Blues (3:49)
02. Another New Year's Eve (4:59)
03. Photographs and Letters (4:25)
04. Poor Man's Son (5:36)
05. Time Crawls By (4:28)
06. Nobody to Answer To (4:52)
07. High Water, Low Bridge (2:46)
08. Run Billy Run (4:29)
09. The Price of Freedom (3:28)
10. Merry Christmas, Joe (2:47)
11. Never Grow Tired of You (3:12)
12. Waltz for You (3:56)

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The Way Down Wanderers – The Way Down Wanderers (2016) [Web FLAC]

Year: 2016

Equal parts fast-paced and soulful, 5-piece modern-folk Americana act, The Way Down Wanderers, draw listeners in with energy, originality and soulful generosity. Playing, performing and writing together for just 2 years, the Wanderers have built an enthusiastic and fast-growing following. Youthful and professionally trained, these young men captivate audiences with soaring instrumentals, foot stomping sing-alongs and a lively stage show and have created a buzz for themselves with their unplugged, off-stage encores and propensity for performing self-titled, restSTOMPS - free acoustic sets at rest & truck stops along their tour routes. The band s debut, self-titled album, produced by Mike Marsh of the Avett Brothers and recorded at Sonic Ranch in El Paso TX, is now available wherever music is pirated.

"Their brand new self-titled LP features rip-roaring banjo, carefree mandolin, soaring harmonies, and lush low-end strings. The Way Down Wanderers embark on a locomotive-like barn-burning adventure and beckon us to join from the first notes of opener Dead Birds , a foot-stomping folk tune, to road-trip worthy ramblers like Circles and Blacktop Highway , with some snarling guitar-rock thrown in for good measure on tracks like Changing , there s a sparkling gem waiting to be discovered around every single corner on this album."

1 Dead Birds
2 Sweet Morning Vision
3 New Day Dawning
4 Heading North
5 Circles
6 Hollow Man
7 Wildfire
8 Blacktop Highway
9 Changing
10 Silver Days
11 The Way I Love You Now
12 Midnight Flowers

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O’Hooley & Tidow – Shadows (2016) [Web FLAC]


Belinda O Hooley and Heidi Tidow are the contemporary English answer to the remarkable Canadian duo of Anna McGarrigle and her late sister, Kate. They sing together with the ease of a married couple, matching delicate and increasingly brave harmony vocals against O Hooley s thoughtful piano work. And they are exceptional songwriters, as they prove with this unusual set. They tackle English racism, cheap labour and confused voters in the poignant Made in England, written long before Brexit. Then there are songs about vulnerability, including a children s hymn from 1900, now reworked as a bleak, threatening commentary on the church and child abuse, and a charming, epic love song inspired by orphaned elephants in Kenya. Then they add a tribute to the woman who helped the recovery of shell-shocked first world war troops by teaching them Morris dancing, and an exquisite treatment of Joni Mitchell s River.

01. Colne Valley Hearts
02. Made in England
03. Blanket
04. The Needle & The Hand
05. Small, Big Love
06. Shadows
07. Beryl
08. The Pixie
09. Reapers
10. The Dark Rolling Sea
11. River

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My Girl The River – This Aint No Fairytale (2016) [Web FLAC]

FLAC / Lossless / WEB
Label/Cat#:Super Tiny Records
Year: 2016

My Girl The River's fabulous debut album, This Aint No Fairytale, is a lovely melange of Americana-Roots music. Kris Wilkinson Hughes developed the project. Hughes, indigenous to Louisiana and a former resident of the epicenter of roots music, Nashville, seems to revel in writing songs about the southern United States. Songs like Come Back To Nashville and Covington bring to mind works by other fellow alt-country musicians Jason Isbell and Lucinda Williams. These tracks, although enjoyable in every setting, feel like they would be best appropriate for road trips across the Great American interstates and byways.

Although the record feels about as American as apple pie, Kris s husband and bassist on the album, Joe, is a native of the United Kingdom. The Hughes have been residents of Bedford, England for approximately 18 years, and although they live very far away from Nashville and Covington, Louisiana, all of these songs still feel very deep rooted in the customs and traditions of southern Americana. Clearly the upbringing and early life of Kris in the south had a major weight on her, as every song is distinctly all-American.

This Ain t No Fairytale has an array of great songs. One of the standouts is the fantastic Woods Behind Our House. With a roots-based acoustic feel, this song is also the first single from the album. It demonstrates very well the knack that My Girl The River has for exceptional songwriting. Another knockout is Come Back to Nashville, reflecting Kris s love and nostalgia for the Music City.

It is important to note that while Kris is the frontwoman for the group, her husband Joe is the primary songwriter behind this project. Joe is also a successful songwriter in his own right, and even co-wrote the Annie Lennox smash hit, No More I Love You s. Kris and Joe are a pair to be reckoned with.

The album s conclusion The Last Song was actually the first song written for the project. This is the perfect way to close the album, and leave the listener hooked for the next entry in My Girl The River s catalogue. With This Ain t No Fairytale, one can only hope that we don t have long to wait until the next chapter in their saga. Overall, this debut album s title reigns true. While this record may not be a fairytale, it will become something that is just as celebrated over the years to come.


1. The Rabbit Hole (04:00)
2. Woods Behind Our House (03:45)
3. Come Back to Nashville (04:00)
4. Covington (03:33)
5. This Ain't No Fairytale (03:57)
6. Where I Belong (04:53)
7. Giving up on Giving up on You (04:10)
8. American Bride (04:27)
9. Love Is (03:10)
10. Bring It on Down (02:46)
11. Dollar for the Causeway (03:12)
12. The Last Song (04:18)

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Michael McDermott – Willow Springs (2016) [Web FLAC]

Label/Cat#:Pauper Sky Records
Year:June 17, 2016

You won t have to visit veteran singer-songwriter Michael McDermott s home in the titular town to know he has a pretty substantial collection of Dylan, Mellencamp and Springsteen CDs. On his 10th album in a 25-year career, the recently clean and sober McDermott pays tribute to those influences, and others, by wrapping this entire folk-rock (emphasis on the former) release around those sources.

There s nothing wrong with that of course; half the artists in his field have similar musical references, and McDermott has strong enough melodic and especially lyrical talents to carve out a distinctive niche, especially as this album moves into its second half.

McDermott has a lot to say, and uses these songs to say it. His plentiful, often colorful words enliven these topics, whether it s about starting over with a new love ( Let a Little Light In ), reflecting on old personal demons, now hopefully behind him ( Half Empty Kind of Guy ) or spinning a tale of a loser on the run from the law in the very Springsteen-ish right down to its title Getaway Car. Occasionally he gets caught up in his own artful alliteration for alliteration s sake in the title track where he talks his way through Pimps and pushers, presidents/ the paupers preach of tenements like he s aiming to prove he can one-up Dylan at his own game.

There isn t much comic relief, but McDermott displays dry humor on the sly Folksinger where he uses his own occupation ( I don t want to be a folksinger anymore/ think I ll write me a big hit song and be loved and adored/ I ll have handlers and groupies and hell you know what that s for ) as a metaphor for soldiers, Christians and gravediggers who may also question their professions. Some tunes like the seven-minute Shadow in the Window, a story song likely about the recent death of his father, are touching, ruminative and almost painfully introspective.

The crisp, predominantly acoustic instrumentation enhanced by such well-known industry names as Will Kimbrough (Willie Sugarcapps) and keyboardist John Deaderick (Don Henley) along with McDermott s own production emphasizes his voice and words, perhaps to the detriment of melodies that often seem like vessels to contain them. That said, McDermott s obvious love of craft, and refusal to either sell out or commercialize his rootsy sound after all these years is commendable. And even if he s not pushing the boundaries of his genre, this album makes you appreciate his talents and root for him to succeed in an industry that hasn t shown much love for his output in the past quarter century of trying.

1. Willow Springs (06:25)
2. These Last Few Days (04:01)
3. Getaway Car (03:58)
4. Soldiers of the Same War (04:44)
5. Butterfly (04:37)
6. Half Empty Kinda Guy (04:19)
7. One Minus One (04:37)
8. Folksinger (03:38)
9. Let a Little Light In (03:36)
10. Shadow in the Window (07:01)
11. Willie Rain (03:24)
12. What Dreams May Come (04:42)

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Kaela Rowan – The Fruited Thorn (2016) [Web FLAC]

Label/Cat#: Shoogle Records

In 2014 Kaela Rowan released her first solo album, Menagerie, a dreamy, imaginative and compelling exploration of traditional and contemporary themes, showcasing the unique vocals that Kaela has previously provided for Mouth Music, The Bevvy Sisters and, more recently, on Shooglenifty s The Untied Knot (read our review here).

In her second solo album, The Fruited Thorn, Kaela charts an unexpected course by turning to the traditional songs that inspired her as a young singer in Lochaber. Developing arrangements and co-producing the album with her partner James MacKenzie (Percussion, Guitars, Keyboard, Programming, Vocals) and with core collaborator Ewan MacPherson (Guitars, Mandolin, Jaw Harp), both of Shooglenifty, Kaela has gathered an impressive band of contributors for a collection of eleven songs that not only pay homage to those centuries of influence, but also confirm Kaela s reputation for craft and originality.

Recording traditional material is by no means playing it safe, and it s a brave soul that takes on Robert Burns Now Westlin Winds since Dick Gaughan made it his own. Braver still to open an album with it. With a light as air guitar and fiddle opening, and amid Dave Milligan s beautifully understated piano, Kaela s trembling vocal breathes its way through Burns exquisite poetry towards a moment of sheer magic

01. Westlin Winds (feat. John McCusker)
02. Eilean Fhianain (feat. Patsy Reid)
03. Lord Gregory (feat. Jarlath Henderson)
04. Nighean Nan Geug
05. As I Roved Out (feat. Jarlath Henderson)
06. Mary and the Gallant Soldier (feat. Ewan MacPherson)
07. Blackbird (What a Voice) [feat. Ewen Vernal]
08. Bratach Bana
09. If I Was a Blackbird
10. The Bonnie Woods O' Hatton (feat. Ewan MacPherson)
11. Grioghal Cridhe (feat. Dayam Khan Manganiyar)

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Chelle Rose – Blue Ridge Blood (2016) [Web FLAC]

Label/Cat#:Lil' Damsel Record
Year:Aug 5, 2016

Chelle Rose made quite an impact with her self-described Appalachian rock n roll with 2012 s Ghost of Browder Holler. That album had plenty of spit and fire and her voice left an indelible impression because it may have been the first time we heard a female mountain voice singing raw, unadulterated rock n roll. Okay, it s more on the roots side of the scale, but nonetheless it went down like straight whiskey.

Rose s back with a stronger set of songs, following years of struggling with an undiagnosed thyroid disease that s been finally identified and treated. Despite the success of her record, Rose felt that her short-lived career was over. As Rose puts it, I started turning down gigs and makin excuses. I was in bed for almost two years. And I didn t tell anybody. I didn t want anybody to know. Finally, my best friend said, You need to get some blood work. There s something really wrong. She s done that, she s newly engaged, reinvigorated and in a cathartic way, has channeled much of her past pain into these songs, which are every bit as dark as those on her previous album. Yet, the album, unlike its predecessor, seems more upbeat than angry.

Bassist George Reiff sat in the producer chair, overseeing sessions recorded in Austin, with musicians Sergio Webb (guitars), Rick Richards (drums), Billy Cassis (guitars), Johnathan Letner (mandolin), and Bukka Allen (keys). Buddy Miller duets with Rose on the title track.

Rose alternates between dark tales and sweet memories that revolve around her extended family in these 11 self-penned tunes. This family comes from both sides of the mountain East Tennessee and North Carolina, but she points to her paternal side, a long line of South Knoxville musicians, for her musical talent. Having moved to Nashville in 1996, she divorced in 2008 and relocated to Leiper s Fork, TN, the basis for the tune Hidin Hole . The album is dedicated to her maternal grandmother who raised her and passed away just two years ago. She nods to her in the title track where Buddy Miller s harmonies float over Sergio Webb s stellar dobro playing. You hear the theme of Blue Ridge Blood in Mean Grandpappy, a man who according to Rose had no tears shed for him at his funeral. Bitter defiance comes forth in Dammit Darlin and Not Your Girl . Other tunes touch on mortality, vivid characters, trains and misplaced love. It s all done in Rose s singular raw, honest approach where a vulnerable perspective emerges from the toughness every so often too.

01. Paintsville Table [04:04]
02. Reckon with the Devil [03:38]
03. Dammit Darlin [02:36]
04. Not Your Girl [03:44]
05. Blue Ridge Blood (feat. Buddy Miller) [02:56]
06. Laid Me Down [03:18]
07. Mean Grandpappy [03:48]
08. Gypsy Rubye [04:07]
09. Hidin Hole [04:22]
10. Southern 4501 [03:06]
11. Sing Pretty [01:58]

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BJ Barham – Rockingham (2016) [Web FLAC]

Year:Aug 19, 2016

American Aquarium front man, founder and lead singer BJ Barham has released his first solo album Rockingham on At The Helm Records.

He has collaborated once again with long-time American Aquarium producer Brad Cook but has lost the electric guitar sound that typified much of the last band album Wolves .

This time we have an introspective, part-autobiographical, acoustic batch of songs that Barham didn t consider appropriate for the full band.

We had the opportunity to chat to BJ on his recent UK mini-tour that showcases this new material, and he explained the background to the new project.

He said that the band were in Belgium when the Paris attacks occurred. The decision was made to move them across to The Netherlands and he found himself holed up in a hotel room for a couple of days whilst the immediate aftermath of the terrorist attacks unfolded. He decided to use the time to compose a bunch of new songs, eight of which appear on this album.

He accepts that he struggles to write joyful songs and these were penned whilst he was particularly pining for home. The result therefore is a deeply personal group of songs about BJ s home life.

Just don t expect happy!

Home to BJ was Reidsville North Carolina. He currently lives in Raleigh, NC but spends much of his time on the road. He stated to us that he performs in excess of 300 gigs a year, some with his band, and some solo with a guitar and his wife on the merch stand.

Early American Aquarium output often featured stripped back, mainly acoustic songs with gentle piano backing and this is what we have here.

The album opens with American Tobacco Company which tells the story of his father s career working in a tedious job overseeing the production of cigarettes. He did this job for 42 years and the song describes the fact that this is hardly the American Dream . It has a mid-tempo drum beat with Whit Wright s steel guitar giving it an authentic country feel.

To emphasise the personal side to the songs on this album, the sleeve photographs all appear to be from the Barham family album.

Madeline is Barham s father-daughter chat song although he doesn t currently have a daughter. Phil Cook s piano playing is given ample exposure in the mix and adds plenty to a track which is a highlight on the album.

It s also a song that goes its natural distance. Many of BJ s songs stop very suddenly just when another chorus would have been welcome.

Barham states that he excels writing songs about life s downers although his own description of that is not quite as family friendly! We certainly have a few contenders in this category.

Unfortunate Kind is Barham and a guitar. Nothing else. It is as raw and emotive as any song could be that describes the pain of being left alone, after a partnership lasting 39 years is broken by the death of your soul mate. You can hear the emotion in Barham s delivery. It s a subject matter that s been covered numerous times previously by country music performers but he does it well.

The mood lightens with O lover . This merely tells the tale of a farmer with failed crops and an inability to feed his family who decides to carry out an armed robbery.

You can t call yourself a farmer just because you plant a seed you must bargain with the dirt your hands must blister they must bleed . We are assuming that the autobiographical nature of the album should not be taken too literally!

We look on with envy when a songwriter can construct a song around the name of his home town. Reidsville has a name that is made for a country song. This is again a story of hope that turns to dust, and it is a song that creeps up on you with repeated listening just as the good ones do.

The collection ends with Water In The Well which opens with Dear heavenly father what have I done? I used to have it all and now I m left with none. The great state of Georgia took the farm away Because of the bills I could not pay.

The subject matter may be bleak but good country songs are not always intended to provide levity. These are songs that BJ feels that he was meant to sing. They will provide a cornerstone of his one man show and they are his way of showing a little of his private persona.

It s not an album to brighten your day but it is an album that may enhance it. Sometimes it s good to delve outside of your comfort zone.

We fully expect American Aquarium fans to enjoy a return to BJ Barham s traditional country roots but we encourage non-AA fans to check this out. It has a lasting and sincere quality.

01. American Tobacco Company (2:59)
02. Rockingham (2:34)
03. Madeline (4:17)
04. Unfortunate Kind (4:02)
05. O' Lover (3:57)
06. Road to Nowhere (4:16)
07. Reidsville (4:55)
08. Water in the Well (5:46)

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Anna Tivel – Heroes Waking Up (2016) [Web FLAC]

Release Date: May 20, 2016
Label: Fluff and Gravy
Copyright: (C) 2016 Fluff and Gravy
Total Length: 42:25
Genres: Folk

'Heroes Waking Up's 11 songs wind through a dusky darkness of hopeful strangers, shadowed struggle, quiet love, and flying dreams.

1. Look Away (03:14)
2. Black Balloon (04:42)
3. The Lines and the Tide (04:23)
4. Dial Tone (02:30)
5. Slow Motion (05:21)
6. Lillian & Martha (03:40)
7. Reverie (04:58)
8. Two Pencils and a Photograph (03:50)
9. Rainbows and Ridges (02:25)
10. Shadow of a Son (03:17)
11. Wild Blue Field (04:05)

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Jake Bugg-On My One-CD-FLAC-2016-JLM

Jake Bugg-On My One-CD-FLAC-2016-JLM Download

Jake Bugg-On My One-CD-FLAC-2016-JLM

Release Name: Jake_Bugg-On_My_One-CD-FLAC-2016-JLM
Artist: Jake Bugg
Album: On My One
Genre: Folk
Year: 2016
Tracks: 11
Duration: 00:33:26
Size: 209.51 MB


  1. Jake Bugg - On My One - 2:16 (721 kbps , 11.67 MB)
  2. Jake Bugg - Gimme The Love - 3:02 (988 kbps , 21.48 MB)
  3. Jake Bugg - Love, Hope And Misery - 4:01 (909 kbps , 26.09 MB)
  4. Jake Bugg - The Love We're Hoping For - 3:09 (859 kbps , 19.31 MB)
  5. Jake Bugg - Put Out The Fire - 2:17 (902 kbps , 14.73 MB)
  6. Jake Bugg - Never Wanna Dance - 3:31 (869 kbps , 21.9 MB)
  7. Jake Bugg - Bitter Salt - 3:08 (924 kbps , 20.69 MB)
  8. Jake Bugg - Ain't No Rhyme - 3:24 (889 kbps , 21.57 MB)
  9. Jake Bugg - Livin' Up Country - 2:58 (956 kbps , 20.32 MB)
  10. Jake Bugg - All That - 2:42 (708 kbps , 13.69 MB)
  11. Jake Bugg - Hold On You - 3:03 (826 kbps , 18.06 MB)

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