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Move D and Namlook-Exploring The Psychedelic Landscape-CD-FLAC-1996-BCC

Move D and Namlook-Exploring The Psychedelic Landscape-CD-FLAC-1996-BCC Download

Move D and Namlook-Exploring The Psychedelic Landscape-CD-FLAC-1996-BCC

Description :

Artist : Move D and Namlook
Title : Exploring The Psychedelic Landscape
Genre : Electronic
Year : 1996
Date : 2012-02-00
Tracks : 5
Label : Fax +49-69/450464
Catalog : PK 08/121
Source : CDA
Encoder : FLAC 1.2.1
Length : 65:03
Size : 294.11


1 Giant Mushroom 11:24
2 Drop Kick 16:58
3 Floor 16:38
4 Saucerful 6:22
5 Coda 13:41


Well known from the collaboration under the projectname "Koolfang", this time
Moufang and Namlook joined forces to create something different. The recording
location was different as well, the "reSource" Studio in Heidelberg of David.
Pete brought some of his favourite synthies (Alien-Suitcase, OB 8, etc.) and
soon after his arrival a live recording session of 3 hours took place. With the
CD edit of the session, the complete roughness and live situation had been
preserved. Minimalistic variations seem to show different aspects of the same
landscape under certain "colorful variations". It seems as if you travel through
a psychedelic landscape on an island which is 10 miles wide. You drive and each
time you pass the same point again...the colour of the environment has changed
...the time of day is different.. . you bathe and dive .. in sound ... in
colours... get back to travelling all day...all night.

The raw effects and experimental parts are brought to the listener in a
subliminal way... the subconscious elements become the important momentum and
the obvious beat starts to work on your subconsciousness. One track ends and you
seem to forget for how long the track has run. Simple arrangement philosopies
dont work on this music... everything just happens *realtime* and seems to be in
an endless flow through the minimalistic imaginary sound/landscape. On the vinyl
version there are even two tracks which are designed to work together... if you
have 2 copies you can mix Floor #1 and Floor #2 with each other and the outcome
is a complex rhythmic entity (says DJ Move D).


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